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Infinite Mystery of Russia

by Russelation

So what is Russia all about?
I am sure you have heard this word so often, but what is behind it?
You have been told that Russian ladies are ones of the most beautiful and smartest women in the world, you also heard about Russian caviar, Russian dance, original Russian vodka and the tradition to throw away a glass behind ones back after drinking.

Maybe you have already seen those colourful, bright Russian nestling dolls – matryushkas, or admired the glorious architecture of St-Petersburg and amazing golden domes of Moscow on the pages of travel magazines. It all looks so enigmatic, so unusual and fascinating by this mystery.

And have you heard the Russian language? Does it sound soft or rather harsh to you? Funny enough, the majority of non Russian speakers have absolutely different and often just the opposite opinions about the sound of Russian language. Have you ever read a book written by Russian classic? Do you remember the fascination, feeling of being completely spellbound by the incomparable beauty, delicacy and deepness of their style?

And the Russian people? Are they fun? Are they trustworthy? Can they be effective business partners or true friends? Oh yes, you have heard a lot about Russian mafia, the “new”, young, rich Russians buying mega yachts, private jets and most exclusive properties all around the world … at the same time we are daily informed about high levels of poverty in Russia. This huge country seems to be so abundant, so many-sided, mysterious and unique, that one can talk and write endlessly about it.

So why not try to lift this veil of mystery? Why not try to learn more about this amazing corner of the Earth, its history, culture, art, language and people? Why not meet new Russian friends, business partners or even loved ones?

Jump into the fairytale land of Russia, into the fascination of a new discovery – Russelate with us, uncover the Russian Soul!