Why Russia women are so attractive

Yes, we have heard so much about Russian women! First that they are very beautiful! And yes, indeed they are. Many foreign men can hardly believe their eyes when they first come to Russia. (If you are not convinced please take a look at this Picture Gallery then you will know forsure!)

After visiting Russia, no one can leave cold to such unusual ladies. These lasses are capable of desperate acts, passion, deep feelings. They are reckless in love, plunging into the invading emotions.

A Russian woman is interested in learning the world; she always improves herself. You can speak on any topic with her. You can always discover something new with her. These ladies just drive men crazy.

Why Russia women are so attractive

Russian females harmoniously combine spontaneity, vulnerability, humility, tolerance. Australian men like Russian ladies’ beauty and fidelity, Greeks value an ability to be a wonderful mother and wife, Turks love lasses’ sex appeal.

Because there’s lack of men in Russia, women tend to attract men’s attention. The dream of every lasses date is to find a prince, so girls from Russia believe they need to dress like a princess to meet him.

Why do these females dress that way?

  • Addiction to bright colors. Ladies from Russia like to dress such a way man to pay attention to them, so there are bright, vivid clothes in ladies’ wardrobe.
  • The desire to look elegantly in any situation. Therefore, she wears high heels and a nice dress even going to the swimming pool or on a trip to the mountains.
  • Climatic features affect Slavic style too. Most of the year ladies can’t leave home without fur clothing. Hence, passion for fur coats.
  • Women from Russia love jewelry. Traditional Slavic costume was richly adorned, for example, kokoshnik, embroidered with gold threads.


Naturalness and health have always been considered an indicator of beauty in Russia. Long braid, curvy shapes, ruddy cheeks attract men from Russia. But this isn’t the only reason of women’s beauty. Russia — the only country that has gone through peaceful colonization of its land and through the bloody invasion of a multitude of nations-invaders.
As a result, Slavic blood was mixed with many nations: Siberian aborigines, Jews, Tatars, etc. Therefore, the appearance of Slavic lasses is varied. So there’s a great cocktail of Russian female beauty, which makes a great impression on men. Mysterious pretty females know how to take care of themselves skillfully.


Beautiful females always want to be feminine. Even going to the store, they wear a stylish dress, high heels, do makeup. Ladies perceive the world through emotion. The emotional sphere is crucial for her. Tender words and compliments make a woman soft, gentle, playful. She blossoms and becomes even more beautiful.

Love for beautiful things

Girls from Russia love jewelry and flowers; they like everything beautiful. This is due to the peculiarities of female nature. The woman is a source of joy and energy for man and children. But she needs man’s attention. Jewelry, jewelry are of great value to women. When you give her jewelry, you show her that she’s critical for you.